Amor Ali Hamdan’s Success Story

Amor Ali Hamdan, a resident of Tanzania, was suffering from conditions of backpain, pain in the left leg, kidney stone and stomach ailments. He consulted doctors at Tanzania and as per their recommendation, underwent some surgeries. Unluckily for him, none of those surgeries were effective in granting him any sort of relief. It was then he came to know about Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital and the effective treatments provided by the efficient doctors at Punarnava. So, he arrived at Punarnava and was admitted for treatment. The power of Ayurveda and its natural way of healing began to provide him with relief from his lingering pain. After the treatment, he was healed and was able to go back to Tanzania a changed man. Let’s hear Amor Ali’s experience about his treatment and the doctors at Punarnava.

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