Hridaya Basti – A Special Ayurvedic Treatment for the Heart

Hridaya Basti is one of the most powerful and effective treatments in Ayurveda that aids in the healthy functioning of the heart. Hridaya Basti is also known as Uro Basti, The Ayurvedic treatment helps to nourish, strengthen and balance the heart functions and rejuvenate the area of the heart. High blood pressure, palpitations, and respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis or wheezing can also be treated with the ayurvedic treatment, Hridaya Basti.

Ayurveda Treatments - Hridaya Basti


  • Chronic angina
  • Asthma
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Other respiratory problem

The Procedure of Hridaya Basti Ayurveda Treatment 

The patient would be made to lie on the treatment table, on his back. A leak-proof mould, made up of Black Gram dough, is fixed over the heart region, on the chest. A lukewarm herbal medicated oil (Hridaya Basti Oil) prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor is slowly poured into that mould and let stay. The temperature is maintained by replacing the oil in the mould with warm oil at intervals. After the procedure, the mould is removed and the chest region is massaged gently for the better absorption of the medicine. The treatment duration is 30 minutes. This ayurvedic treatment provides relief from pain in the chest region, strengthens the muscles of the chest and pacifies Vata Dosha. It also helps to remove the negative emotions such as unresolved anger, frustration and sadness.


The benefits in Hridaya Basti Ayurvedic Treatment are:

Improves heart functioning

Hridaya Basti benefits in increasing the functioning of the heart through where blood flow and good nutrients are spread to the body.

Strengthens cardiac muscles and balances the heart rate 

Hridaya Basti benefits in strengthening cardiac muscles that improve the overall functioning of the heart resulting in balanced heart rates.

Reduces Chest Pain

By performing the Hridaya Basti ayurvedic treatment chest pain will be highly reduced.

Lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure will be lowered as the improved functioning of the heart is seen.

Improves Blood Circulation

With the Ayurveda treatment, overall blood circulation around the body will be improved

Helps in lung Aveoli Functioning

With the improved functioning of the heart, blood circulation is seen improved thus resulting in better lung functioning

Relieves stress, anger and grief

The ayurvedic treatment Hridaya Basti benefits in relieving stress, anger and grief.

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