Ginger – The complete Ayurvedic medicine


From time immemorial, ginger has been used as a common spice, lending its unique spicy flavor to the dishes it is added into. But more than that, Ginger is an Ayurveda recommended superfood, that can also be hailed as an ayurvedic universal medicine, as it lends a variety of health benefits.

Let’s look at some of the medicinal properties of this superfood:

  • Ginger can be used as a perfect remedy to combat low appetite. To increase appetite, mix equal parts of ginger juice with lemon juice. Add rock salt to it and take this before meals.
  • The condition of indigestion can be combated with ginger. Mix ginger juice with water and cane sugar and boil it till it becomes in a syrup form. Add powdered cardamom, nutmeg and clove to it, and preserve the decoction. This decoction is helpful in indigestion, flatulence, vomiting, stomach and bowel pains with fever, colds, cough and asthma.
  • Ginger contains a very effective anti-inflammatory compound that are called gingerols. It helps ease and reduce osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis pain levels and improve joint mobility.
  • Ginger can be helpful in foiling potential risk of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries. It also decreases bacterial infections in the stomach.
  • Chewing a fresh piece of ginger few times a day can help ease sore throat.
  • Taking ginger powder tea before bed can help ease chronic rheumatic pain, colds and excess mucus.
  • When you suffer from headache, make a paste of ginger, either with aloe vera gel or water, and apply to the head. You can use same paste for tooth aches too.
  • Ginger tea is a good remedy for combating seasonal allergies like cold, flu and cough.

Ginger, thus, has been the constant health companion of man because of these wonderful health benefits and its miraculous medicinal properties.

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