Neem Tree – The many benefit tree

IMG-20160905-WA0009The ‘miracle tree’, Neem can be rightly hailed as the ‘drug cabinet of mother nature’ as it bestows countless benefits. All parts of the neem tree are widely used in many Ayurvedic medicinal preparations and revered for its complete lack of side-effects.

Here are some amazing health wonders of neem tree:

  1. Chewing on neem twigs and lightly brushing them on the gums and teeth can protect oral health. They help in preventing prevents oral infections, bleeding and soothes tender gums.
  2. Neem has an active antimicrobial property. By its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral features, neem assists in safe-guarding from numerous microbes that attack the human body.
  3. Neem oil extract helps in reducing wrinkles as it assists the creation of collagen, which maintains the skin’s elasticity delays signs of aging. Neem oil also cures acne and rashes.
  4. Neem assists in instantly healing wounds by activating the collagen fibers to seal the damaged tissues. The oil extorted from its leaves can assist in curing sores, abrasions, scratches and infections.
  5. Applying neem paste topically assists in curing eczema and psoriasis.
  6. Neem oil extract relieves joint pains, and helps in the building of tough and resilient bones.
  7. Neem tea soothes stressed nerves, calms the mind and provides instant relief. Bathing in warm bath infused with drops of neem oil can expel muscle stress and soreness.
  8. Applying the paste made of Neem leaves on the scalp helps in preventing hair loss, premature graying and dandruff.
  9. Neem tea helps to improve blood circulation and boost the creation of healthy blood cells.
  10. Those suffering from diabetics can drink neem tea, as it has curative properties that reduce blood sugar levels.

In short, the ‘miracle tree’ has everything in it, from its leaf tip to the roots, that helps keep a person in holistic health, organically and naturally, right from the crown of his head to his feet.

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