Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment and its Extraordinary Benefits

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment and its Extraordinary Benefits 1

What is the Ayurvedic treatment – Shirodhara

Shirodhara is a tradition from of therapy associated with the natural medical system of Ayurveda. It is said to have a terrific impact on the central nervous system. When someone undergoes the treatment, their mind and nerves get automatically relaxed and rejuvenated. There are no such treatments associated with western medicine that can be drawn parallel to Shirodhara therapy. 

People who benefit from Shirodhara therapy:

On a very general note, anyone and everyone will benefit from this practice but to identify whether you need this or whether you want this is the question. For that you need to understand what Shirodhara does, it is a therapy and treatment for the nervous system under stress. Shirodhara helps to relieve stress, anxiety, tension and fatigue. It is also a great remedy for depression. It will regulate the blood flow to the nerves and triggers feels of euphoria and pleasure. 

Certain conditions that Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment benefits are mentioned below:

When you are extremely tired, when you feel you have an excess of energy, due to which you are finding it difficult to sleep then Shirodhara is perfect for you. Extensive research says that when combined with herbal support this therapy has a significant effect on your nerve alignment.

Shirodhara with milk has helped people sleep better over the years. This process stimulates your overall nervous system, produces the melatonin by triggering the pineal gland. It will make you more calm and relaxed thus inducing sleep. If your sleep pattern is all wrong and you are finding it hard to sleep at night then all you need is Shirodhara therapy. Shirodhara will help you by eliminating fatigue, restoring energy and establishing harmony in the doshas. 


Shirodhara has been found to lower the blood pressure thus reducing hypertension. It is also a great way for you to maintain health and enhance well being calm and immunity. It can be compared to those deep meditative practices for one loses themselves in the process to only being found later on when they wake up with enhanced clarity and perception. Shirodhara also improves your immunity and makes your overall constitution strong. 

Jet lag:

Those frequent flyers who have trouble sleeping because they are often travelling and they are out of sync with their normal sleep routine, if they approach a Shirodhara therapy, it can very well cure you of the jet lag and make more relaxed and sleep peacefully. 

PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder):

One of the Doshas of the human body is Vata dosha which is associated with stress and availing Shirodhara treatment with oil containing nervine herbs will soothe your nervous system and release the stress in the nervous system. 

What is Shirodhara Therapy?

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurveda therapy. A warm liquid preferably oil or milk will be poured in a continuous fashion over the forehead which in Sanskrit is called Ajna marma (a pressure point) where nerves are concentrated. The liquid when poured creates a vibratory effect. The oil will be distributed into the nervous system through the pores in the skin. 

This oil when it is poured created a soothing effect that allows the body to step into a trance or a very deep meditative state. 

Shirodhara is done as part of a cleansing process known as Panchakarma specially prepared by Shirodhara oil. It is also purposeful as a stand-alone therapy. 

People who should stay away from Shirodhara Therapy.

Shirodhara works for any sort of Dosha but there are certain conditions. Women who are pregnant and are in their third trimester should not avail this therapy. It is also not applicable to people who get rashes on their scalp or forehead. 

Neck injury, brain haemorrhage, Alzheimers, vomiting, fever or an aversion to oil then please refrain from availing this therapy.

Shirodhara treatment procedure:

shirodhara treatment benefits

There are three kinds of Doshas according to Ayurveda in every human body. If one of these doshas are not aligned properly then you shall experiences consequences in different forms.

Shirodhara is usually availed to overcome Vata or Pitta Dosha. When pitta dosha is not aligned properly, then the person shall exhibit rage, frustration and judgement. In the case of Vata Dosha, then the person would be afraid, would panic of small anxiety and their thoughts will always be racing. 

The features or qualities of the liquid that is poured over the forehead shall balance the doshas which are not centred. In this way, the central nervous system is pacified and provided with a soothing feeling. Once the doshas are aligned and balance is re-established then whatever the type of stress you are facing will be alleviated.

Once the liquid is poured over the forehead the fluid will be transmitted inwards through the pores and then the temperature of the boy changes, forming vibration on the applied areas resulting in the release of hormones like serotonin and catecholamine to induce normal sleep. 

Some points to remember when Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment is performed?

When you are availing the therapy, there are a few things you need to consider

Be mindful:

If it is a hot day outside and you are at the facility to receive a Shirodhara, then it should be only a little warm inside. Whereas if it is cold outside and during the winter there should be a heater placed inside the room to make the room heated enough for it to be a pleasurable experience. Cold air-conditioned rooms during Shirodhara is not that great option. 


Make sure the room is silent and no music is being played. Make sure all your devices are turned off and there are no channels of distractions. Any sort of noise will disrupt the experience and will not allow you to obtain mental rest. 

The liquid:

This is the most important thing to be noted before the Shirodhara therapy. The liquid should be chosen according to one’s constitution and the climate. Most commonly used types of oils are Sesame and Sunflower oil. One is good for Vata and the other one is applicable for Pitta Dosha. There are times when both are blended together. 

Be cautious when you apply coconut oil.  It has a cooling action and there is a time when it can make the body cold. On a Vata dominant person, this oil should not be used as it could be harmful to their constitution. 

Food and attire:

Make sure to consume a light diet and before your appointment. A full stomach is not entertained. Your head will be covered in oil and dress appropriately so that you don’t have a problem with oil being stuck on the clothes. Leave the oil on the head for a few hours after the treatment and then once the therapy is over, cover your head with a piece of cloth when you step outside irrespective of the weather. 

Post-Shirodhara Ayurvedic treatment:

  • Maintain a healthy diet exclusive of sugar and caffeine. 
  • Make sure there is regular exercise. 
  • Schedule for eating and sleeping will highly effective
  • Meditate. 

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