25 years of healthcare excellence

Silver jubilee is indeed a remarkable milestone in its journey towards the zenith of healing for Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital- the sibling of nature, born to cure .Throughout our tough voyages of healing, we advanced with the strength of a lot disease cured, smiling faces, pleasant and satisfied minds, healthy  physiques  and cheerful souls ,- our asset and boon-our patients across the world. We are prideful to own a substantial number of success stories in divergent arenas of health care including neuro muscular & post traumatic rehabilitation, pediatric diseases, dermatological ailments and orthopedic disorders. We could envisage through these perplex medical challenges and we could mark our name among Ayurveda fraternity.

We are now remarked as the pioneers in giving international standards of health care. We are accredited with the highest standards of patient care by government of India, the NABH accreditation ensuring it to be a quality conscious hospital.

At the juncture of Silver jubilee celebrations with highest concern for the society, we involve into a less captivated yet much salient malady affecting mankind- the cardiac disorders. Great clinical strides have been attained in the management of cardiac disorder in recent years yet less attempts have been towards its prevention. CVD are accounted as the number one cause of death globally. At this global crisis of cardiac care we bring in with much effort, the ideas so as to provide integrated approach towards the prevention of a dominant ailment affecting a great extent of humanity.

Ayurveda with its deep roots in the principle swasthasya swasthya raksha bring in preventive cardiac care through deeps insights of Ayurveda.

Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital, on its 25th year of inception, is organizing a National Seminar named as “Hrudayapoorvam Punarnava” on Preventive Cardiology through Ayurveda.

Internationally renowned Ayurvedists and scientists will be sharing their thoughts in the seminar. There will be a competition of scientific paper on preventive cardiology for MD scholars.