Hrudayapoorvam Punarnava - A National Seminar on Preventive Cardiology

In the modern era, hustles and burden of life style diseases like obesity, hypertension Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes Mellitus (DM) are increasing in Indian Population. These conditions are almost endemic in India Society. The effects are not limited to Indian society rather cardiovascular ailments are becoming the largest cause of morbidities to human population, putting forth second place next to cancer.

Ayurvedic system of medicine deals hrudaya as the vital organ or ‘Marma.’ Acclaiming the importance of hridaya as a marma or vital organ steering the systemic circulation, Ayurveda insists deliberate attention to protect heart from direct or indirect trauma and other nidanas which later on precipitates hridroga.

It is also associated with Pranavaha Strotas. The psychological impact is explained though the association of Sadhaka Pitta. The unique concept of Ojas mentioned in ayurveda, has its site in hrudaya. It is also considered as the chetana sthana. These all line of ideologies being distinctive gives out the importance of protecting hrudaya from diseases.

Browsing through the literatures we find that heart disease from modern perspective are not limited to the purview of Hrida Roga in Ayurveda, but instead are widely scattered through the description of many other diseases including Shvasa, Hicca, Shotha, and Pandu. Hridroga is a much controversial topic which has subjected to critical analysis to find out the modern parallels of hridroga. The ideas of acharyas enlightens us that wherever circulatory failure meets it must be considered as hridroga. Even though brain storming analysis and better understanding of prevention hridroga is being carried out in by many ayurveda scholars, lack of good research protocols cause a hindrance to contribute much in the vast area of preventive and curative cardiology.

Medicines which are cardio tonic, Panchakarma therapies, improving lifestyle by adoption of ethical elements mentioned in “Achara Rasayana” and yoga helps to stay away from mental and physical stress and from eventual hypertention. . Thus the thorough knowledge and practicing of dina charya and ritu charya in the living can be pivot of pre morbidial prevention for cardiac diseases.

In this scenario of increasing life style diseases, where hypertension, Dyslipedemia, DM, obesity etc directly or indirectly affects the wellbeing of heart, ayurveda with its unique concepts has its own embossed place in prevention of diseases by leading a healthy life regime. Much discussions, debate and standardizations have wrapped up and established in the zones of musculo skeletal disorders, neuro muscular diseases and rehabilitation, post traumatic rehabilitation, orthopedic management and dermatological disorders. It’s the Right time to discover and discuss the less traversed preventive and curative aspects of cardiology mentioned in ayurveda. Better to say it is need of hour where the unexplored mind churning ideas of cardiology mentioned in our science to be discussed so that the health of society gets benefited.